October 2021 to May 2023

Fly tying videos are listed in date order with the most recent month at the top.  The fly or flies are named for that month, followed by the tier’s name. 

The video link is embedded in the Month, such as November 2021, which takes you to the YouTube video, showing how the fly or flies are tied.  A materials list is part of the YouTube video. Sometimes a picture of the fly is connected to fly's name. 

We have no videos for 2023 yet.

The following is the Thursday Schedule starting in October 2023

2023 Fly tying plan Beginner Course plus more complex flies.

Gary organized flytying nights, with a double pronged approach. At each session, for those that want to take part, he will teach one lesson from his beginner course.  Following that, someone else will demonstrate a fly that is similar but of a more complex nature.  

Below is the Monthly Plan for the fly tying evening.  Of course, there is flexibility here and we can respond to wants and needs. We will send out recipes/material lists and will also supply materials for the in-house sessions.  

Those who wish to come out and tie their own patterns and enjoy the camaraderie are of course welcome.  We are looking for people to volunteer to tie the selected flies.  We will have a camera and projector set up so everyone can get a close look at the flies as they are tied.  

October:  Beginner lesson:  Wooly Worm/Wooly Bugger (extensions discussed….                                                                     using a bead head, Vampire Leech)

                Other Demo: Pumpkin Head PLUS the Gold Bead Head Wolly Bugger                                                                      with reverse wire wrapping for greater durability

November:  No flytying, Christmas potluck instead

December:  Flytying, no demo tie what you want

January: Beginner Lesson: Rabbit strip leech (extensions… different colours, adding                                                                an orange head to make an egg sucking leech, using flashabou highlights)

                  Other Demo: Bead Head Mohair/SemiSeal leech including a dubbing lesson

February: Beginner Lesson: Halfback nymph             

                   Other Demo: Bitch Creek Special (techniques: rubber legs and weaving)

March: Beginner Lesson: ’52 Buick (tying in the throat trick)

            Other Demo: Doc Sprately with emphasis on techniques for tying in throat and wings

April:  Beginner Lesson: Tom Thumb dryfly (working with deer hair primer)                                                            Other Demo: Deer Hair Gomphus (spinning deer hair primer)

May:  Beginner Lesson:  Renegade dryfly (skill…wrapping dryfly hackle)                                                          Other Demo: Parachute Adams (skill set… creating a wing post and wrapping hackle                      parachute style)


PREVIOUS YEARS   >Note Videos and picture of flies are in Blue or purple font.

February 2023

Stimulator dry fly. < Chris Muir

January 2023

#1 Zucchini Chironomid < Gary Harris  and     #2 Blue Dun Chironomid < Randy  

November 2022

#1 Intruder 12 < Jeff Kormos

October 2022

#1 Skater, Rob Brown Beetle  > Brian Smith

April 2022

#1 Parson's Glory - wing tied Matuka Style > Erich Franz

March 2022

#1 Brian's Hopper 2019 > Brian Smith 

#2 Video of Arctic Grayling on the Parsnip River: John Hagen

February 2022

#1  Madam X  > Chris Muir

January 2022

#1 Lady Caroline > Brian Smith

December 2021

#1 GoldFish > Chris Muir 

#2 Booby > Brian Smith  

November 2021  

All November flies tied by Brian Smith.  Page numbers refer to his book, “Essential Fly Patterns for Lakes and Streams”

#1 Salmon Fly - page 79

#2 Golden Stone - page 81  

#3 Extended Body May Fly - page 41-43

October 2021 - No Video

#1 Vampire Leech > Erich Franz