PCFFC: Club & Member Activities

1.     IFFF Movies 2024 Feb 20 7:00PM

We first sponsored the movies in 2015. IF4 will be held this year on Feb 20, 7:00PM at the Canfor Theatre, UNBC.   Ticket prices are $25 General, $20 Seniors and Students. Tickets will be available at the Canfor Theater door OR on-line at  https://www.flyfilmfest.com


2.      "Fishing Forever" with CNIB - June 2023 (discussions about repeating for 2024)

A. Approximatey 17 CNIB people attended the "Fishing Forever" day at Vivivan Lake.  The BCWF "Fishing Forever" Program was established in 1989. 
Cameron Sutherland (CNIB Co-ordinator) and PCFFC member Brian Smith worked out the meeting details.  Lisa and Anita, PCFFC and SCWA members,  set up a food tent, and cooked.  Everyone appeciated the burgers, smokies, and coffee which were excellent!    
Brian brought the PCFFC fly rods plus four Polar Coachman members, Randy, Chis, Brian, and Gordon brought their boats for the day.  They took one or two people out at a time, and with shuttling everyone who wished to fish was accommodated.  
The fishing was good evident with two CNIB members, Sharon and Merlin,  catching seven fish each!! 
B.  Brian submitted this Memo For the past two months of this dry, dry spring of 2023, I had been praying for rain, but I also guiltily asked the Lord for a favour: “Please, not on this day.” Wrong request! As the twenty-five of us CNIB members and PC volunteers huddled under tents drinking hot coffee and waiting for the two-hour downpour to end as forecasted, we had the wonderful opportunity to connect with people less fortunate than most of us. To hear them laugh and coheres joyously was a very gratifying experience, one which we will remember for years to come. For many of them, the fishing was a bonus; what they really needed was a get-together!
We finally did get them fishing, and many caught some trout—one lady caught seven! The burgers and smokies were a big hit, much thanks to Lisa, Anita and Ruth for putting on a super spread and entertaining our guests as the guys took turns rotating the boats and fishing with the CNIB gang. Our PC volunteers all commented that we are so fortunate to be able to offer this day to them, and look forward to next year’s outing.
Many thanks to the PC volunteers: Randy and Lisa, Anita, Chris and Ruth, Blaine, Gordon and Brian. You have filled some hearts with joy by donating your day to the blind.

3.   BOW at Ness Lake Bible Camp   May 2023 (May be repeated in 2024)

BOW stands for "Becoming an Outdoors Woman".  BOW is an international group and in BC is sponsored by the BCWF.  At Ness Lake this year women had numerous events to choose from over three days.  To learn more, go to the BCWF website.
PCFFC member, Erich,  organized a morning and afternoon of fly tying on Saturday at the Ness Lake Centre. Erich is well known in the community for his fly tying workshops.  Four Polar Coachman members, Chris, Randy, Gordon and Blaine helped with the fly tying portion.  
The morning and afternoon sessions were well attended.   Erich brings our vices, fly tying materials, hooks, handouts, and demonstrated how to tie four different flies.   The women got to take their flies home!  

4. Danie Erasmus – Aquatic entomology book and Courses:

  1. New Book - Danie just released his new book, Hatches of British Columbia Trout Streams .  It can be purchased direct from Danie for $35.  Connect with Danie at princegeorgeflyfisher@gmail.com
  2. Fly Fishing Courses - Danie teaches a number of fly-fishing courses at UNBC:
    - Introduction to fly-fishing,   
              - Match the Hatch River: Aquatic River Entomology for Anglers. 
             Please visit  https://princegeorgeflyfisher.com  to get more details and to learn how to register for Danie's courses.

5. Brian Smith - Flytying Books and Flytying Supplies:

  1. Fly Tying Supplies - Wholesale Fly Fishing Supplies.  Contact Brian at  flyfishingnut47@gmail.com   to get a link to the Hook & Hackle cataloque, his ordering conditions, and discounts.    
  2. Fly Tying Books - Brian's third fly fishing book was published in 2019.  His first two books are also available. To purchase signed copies of these books, contact Brian at his E-mail address  flyfishingnut47@gmail.com :
    • Smith, Brian. (2019).  "Essential Fly Patterns for Lakes and Streams".  Caitlin Press: Halfmoon Bay, BC. $24.95 + GST     Book Review >    https://ormsbyreview.com/2019/12/13/690-armstead-brian-smith-fly-tying 
    • Smith, Brian. (2013).  "Seasons of a Fly Fisher".   Caitlin Press: Halfmoon Bay, BC. $25.95 + GST
    • Smith, Brian. (2009). "Fly Fishing BC’s Interior".  Caitlin Press: Halfmoon Bay, BC. $29.95 + GST

6. Erich Franz -  erfranz@shaw.ca  

  1. Art Work - Erich having experienced the meditative act of fly fishing and fly tying, has sought to honour his hobby with a series of drawings modeled after mandalas.  Erich’s artwork is available to the public and can be reviewed and purchased at his websitewww.erichfranzart.com .
  2. Fly Tying Course -  erfranz@shaw.ca  
    Erich teaches fly tying courses yearly.  Please e-mail Erich to book your spot in his novice, beginners, or advanced course.

7.   Member, Glen Mikkelsen' s New Book!